About Us

The founder of our company, Mr. Gopal Dixit is a man with a vision. Having worked with the Dairy Department of the Delhi Milk Scheme in the year 1978, he attained firsthand knowledge on quality and good service.

We took our first step into becoming a trusted and conducive business in October 1989 with our first Milk Plant – G.K. Dairy and Milk Products (Pvt.) Ltd. in Sikri-Ballabhgarh. With a capacity of 5,000-10,000 litres a day, we started out with supplying to Delhi.

Since the beginning we, as a company most emphatically fortify a sense of responsibility towards every customer so we may deliver the best we can. Throughout our run with this industry, we have focused on delivering global class products from the freshest and cleanest sources. We have gone the extra mile to bring you the freshness and purity that is singular to farms.

Under a progressive leadership, we have established over 4500 milk collection plants in various states. These Plants have been equipped with avant-garde technology to test the quality and freshness of milk.

Over a period of 34 years we have become one of the largest Dairy and UHT product companies in India. With an increasing demand for our products, expansion came naturally to us. Over a period of two decades, we have made ourselves capable of handling a capacity of 14 LLPD Ltrs per day.

We continuously seek to expand our services so our customers get the best at a global level. We’re equipped with the latest technologies available across the world to manufacture high standards of our products incorporating packaging along with safety & quality of our products. One such technology is our Tetra Pak cartons which preserve the nutritional quality of our products by using ultra high temperature (UHT) pasteurization. UHT is a flash heat treatment that ensures our product is free of harmful bacteria while still being gentle on nutrients & ingredients. The multi-layer packaging,  caters to the ultimate protection by locking in the taste, sealing in quality & sealing out light, moisture & air hence, conserving it for consumption within 120 days of manufacturing. Before bringing it out to our consumers, our product is thoroughly investigated for its freshness, quality & safety of consumption through chemical & micro analysis. The package is then sealed & an adhesive with a straw is applied on the carton, then it is kept under sterile check for seven days & finally dispatched after certainty of strict inspection.  We aspire for quality & integrity.

We attain milk from a network of co-operative societies using an established model for collection. 4,500 Milk societies spread over various villages in North India and over 1,25,000 Milk producers are commissioned to supply us with raw milk.

With dynamic thinkers leading the way, we have succeeded in ensuring a Clean Production of Milk. The efforts of our leading Men: Managing Director – Mr. Gopal Dixit and Executive Director – Mr. Gaurav Dixit have established that the Gopaljee Group strives to provide its farmers with maximum benefits while delivering world class milk & dairy products to their customers all over the world. These Movers and shakers ran a campaign to inculcate a Clean Production of Milk in and around all their Milk Plants and collection Centers wherein farmers and other associated partners were trained and educated about hygienic working conditions and production of Milk and Dairy Products. Our leaders unequivocally advocate a maximum benefit policy for our associate farmers at the village level and other partners.